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This section groups different ways of using the stack, from an example "for dummies" to a more advanced ones as. The code is included with the source of the stack (except IdentityCall) under "examples" folder. We are going to add here new implementations, if you have another one we would be happy to add it too.

  • Simplest example: In our oppinion it's the easier way to start to play with the stack, the implementation is covered in the Quick start guide.

  • SIP over websockets scanner: It's a simple host scanner for this protocol, this post explains the details.

  • IdentityCall: A Quobis product which adds encryption and user authentication to VoIP calls. This guarantees the identity of the speakers, allowing a new generation of security services and applications. It allows to take part in a conversation assuring the identity.
  • Webphone: A web softphone wrote in Javascript (really in CoffeeScript (wink)). We are adding features every day so stay tunned to the git repository. 
    NOTE: We like node.js so can use it to develop over this example. You can take a look to its "Cakefile" and play with it in a similar way that described in Developer guide for the stack.
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