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What is QoffeeSIP? 

QoffeeSIP is a complete Javascript SIP stack that can be used in a website to exploit all the multimedia capabilities of WebRTC technology. Instead of using pure Javascript, QoffeeSIP has been coded with CoffeeScript so you can easily modify it to suit your needs.

What can I use QoffeeSIP for? 

You can use QoffeeSIP to create realtime video & voice applications over the web, connecting your WebRTC enabled browser to any SIP enabled device, like an IP PBX, a VoIP phone or any Unified Communications platform. In fact, we already have a product based on it called IdentityCall, you can visit this site to know a bit more about it.


  • Developed in CoffeeScript (simple syntax).

  • Really tiny (< 32 KB).

  • Video/audio calls (WebRTC).
  • SIP over Websockets protocol (and secure).

  • SIP Outbound and GRUU protocols.
  • Design focused in simplicity, having in mind the final user.
  • Some examples of use included.
  • Open source (LGPL). 



Try it

We have deployed this demo for you, so you can easily test this tecnology right now in your browser. (smile)

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Get it

We have a Github repository where you can download a copy of QoffeeSIP. If you only want to include WebRTC capabilities in your website (without worrying about implementation details) you should start checking first lines of this Quick start guide. Then you could walk through the rest examples of use to get you initiated in a smooth & comfortable way. Furthermore, you have an API section in which all implemented methods are described.

Get involved

There are different ways to help us to improve this project:

NOTE: In docs folder annotated code generated with Docco is also provided.

Supported platforms

 We have successfully tested the QoffeeSIP stack with the following platforms:


About us 

Quobis is a leading european company in the delivery of carrier-class unified communications solutions with an special focus on security, interconnection and identity management. You can learn more about our activities at our website,

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